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Zinniaville Secondary School - Since 1973
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Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave
Thank you for visiting the Zinniaville Secondary School website. We trust that you will find the information on this site useful, whether you are an existing parent or learner associated with the school, or a new parent assessing the potential of the secondary education institutions within your area.

Matric Results
Latest Events
School Calender
The Latest Matric results as well as the top Student in Z.S.S
The 2014 Z.S.S Golf Day. Catch All the Winners and Results here.
Find out all you need to know Regarding the 2014 School Calender
As the famous quote goes"Reading will give you lasting pleasure" - quoted in U.S. News and World Report.Every Friday a 20 minute extended registration period is dedicated to reading.With this in mind we wanted to empower our learners and buy books for all the grades at school.
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Matric Results Over the Past 40 Years
A quick look and comparison of the results that each years matriculants have achieved over the past 40 years in Zinniaville Secondary School.
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Z.S.S Quick Online MATHEMATICS Lesson
Here is a Snippet of a mathematical lesson we have added for an extra dose to our students
Z.S.S Quick Online SCIENCE Lesson
Here is a Snippet of a SCIENTIFIC lesson we have added for an extra dose to our students
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Reading Books
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