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"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave"
As you know Zinniaville Secondary School will be celebrating 40 Years
of Schooling Excellence this year. I as principal of this institution would
like to say how fortunate Z.S.S. is to have a dedicated staff who seriously
take their work on behalf of the community for the benefit of our learners.

I always say that teaching is a thankless profession but in actual fact teaching
is a noble mission. Many of us became teachers because of a teacher or
teachers that had great influence over us at some point in our lives.
This year will give us the opportunity of thanking those who have influenced
us or whom we have influenced.
Zinniaville Secondary School should be proud of its numerous accomplishments.
Through the years many influential members of our community have walked through
our corridors and classrooms.

Teachers are defined by their hearts as well as their intellect which in turn
defines the fate of our future generation. A few of our current educators
have witnessed changes through the years and each teacher that taught at Z.S.S.
has made some sort of contribution to the betterment of our school.
This year we would like to remind many of our past learners,
teachers and SGB members how Z.S.S. changed their lives and their vision
for the future.

I would like that years from now when Zinniaville Secondary School
celebrates another 40 years of teaching excellence someone will think
back of you and the meaning you added to their lives. There may be
some bitter sweetness to the moment when the learner/s will realize
that he or she will never be able to thank you the right way or with
the enormity such thanks deserves.
Remember every day you are changing lives!
The Principal