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Reading Books

As the famous quote goes"Reading will give you lasting pleasure" - quoted in U.S. News and World Report.Every Friday a 20 minute extended registration period is dedicated to reading.With this in mind we wanted to empower our learners and buy books for all the grades at school.

On Saturday, 22 February 2014, the Principal MrAbdull, SGB ChairpersonMrBulbulia and educators from each phase went on a trip to Johannesburg to purchase reading books for the learners.

The trip was a huge success as over 1 200 books were purchased for the total value of
R75 000. Two educators from each phase viz. Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phase, were given the opportunity of selecting the books for their learners.

Both Fiction and Non-Fiction books were bought to allow interest in the learners. The books were bought for the sole purpose of allowing the learners to once again pick up a book and become drawn into the adventure.

With technology fast tracking and most learners who only seem to be interested in their cellphones and playstations, Zinniaville Secondary School has taken the initiative to once again introduce the enjoyment of reading a book. Hopefully by encouraging the learners to read we can improve the reading ability of the learners. We would also like to encourage parents to purchase reading books for their children instead of toys, games and cellphones.

The reading of books will invariably increase their vocabulary, communication skills, spelling and writing skills. Learners who read the most books will be acknowledged every quarter at Assembly and the overall winner will indeed be handsomely awarded at the Annual Awards Evening.

In the words of the Late Nelson Mandela "A reading Nation is a winning Nation" and at Zinniaville Secondary School we encourage our learners to be winners. So get hooked onto books!